A man from Kent has been handed a £1.4m parking ticket

Parking tickets are annoying, but they're not often bad enough to bring on heart palpitations and a desire to run away forever.

But this particular ticket was exactly that.

After popping into his local shopping centre in Ashford, Kent, James Adams was given a £1.4m parking ticket.

Picture: Facebook

He received the charge after using the Parkmobile app. Instead of getting the £14.10 bill expected, it was rather more. Enough to pay for 743 years of parking in fact. Or buy 93 family-sized cars.

Mr Adams told Kent Online:

I dread to think that it might have frightened the life out of some other people. I logged into my account for the car park and saw there were too many zeros.

He wasn't the only one. Abbey Burthoki posted an invoice to Facebook showing a bill for an even bigger amount. She was mistakenly charged more than £2.5m.

Picture: Facebook

Parkmobile isn't actually charging people for thousands of years of parking, and has apologised for the errors.

Our apologies for the recent email error, please ignore this communication. Rest assured, the invoices are correct on your account. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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