A map of Europe according to the countries that drink the most wine

It must be something to do with all those Holy Communions... Research carried out by the Wine Institute has found that the Vatican City is not only the capital of the Catholic church but also of wine consumption in Europe.

According to the study, mapped below by Statista, the Vatican's tiny population puts away 45,000 litres of the stuff every year...

Here are the top 10 wine-consuming countries in Europe (by litres drunk per capita per year):

1. Vatican City 54.26

2. Andorra 46.26

3. Croatia 44.2

4. Slovenia 44.07

5. France 42.51

6. Portugal 41.74

7. Switzerland 40.49

8. Macedonia 40.41

9. Moldova 34.18

10. Italy 33.30

The UK comes way down in 21st place...

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