Tea or coffee? A map of the world according to who prefers which of each drink

Which countries in the world prefer tea over coffee the most and vice versa?

It turns out, Uzbekistan loves tea the most as the drink accounts for 99.6 per cent of the country's joint coffee and tea consumption.

The opposite is true for Guatemala, which is the world's most ardent coffee drinking country.

The data comes from a aggregation of Euromonitor International market research by the Economist - and this is what the world looks like on the tea/coffee scale.

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The UK is the world's 15th most prolific tea drinker, proportionally speaking, with tea consumption making up 78.4 per cent of that of both hot drinks.

It seems like old habits die hard, despite the dominance of coffee, globally speaking.

For a full breakdown of the data, see the chart below:

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