A map showing where a second referendum on the EU is most popular

A map showing where a second referendum on the EU is most popular

An exclusive ComRes poll for the Independent shows that the majority of Britons would rather avoid another referendum on the country's membership of the EU.

The poll also showed that most want Theresa May to continue as prime minister without a general election.

So, as the Independent's chief political commentator John Rentoul put it, "most British people have had enough democracy for the time being".

While parliament has announced that it will hold a debate a second referendum in September, politicians have warned that the chances of it being approved are "not remotely on the cards".

But more than four million people have now added their names to a petition calling for the government to hold a second vote on EU membership.

A map by consultancy firm Unboxed has visualised where that feeling is most popular - using data from the petition:

Map: Unboxed

It shows that those most in favour of going back to the polls are based in London - with Hornsey and Wood Green being the most in favour, with 18.6 per cent of all constituents signing the petition.

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