A new app is offering 'Netflix for plane travel'

In the latest instalment of 'ideas that will probably wreck the environment', we give you: a Netflix-style subscription to airline travel.

New app OneGo is designed to make last minute flights cheaper and easier to book through a scheme that's being billed as 'Netflix for planes'.

Currently available only in the US, OneGo has divided the country up into four travel zones, and a nationwide plan costs $2,950 (£2,050) a month.

The hefty price tag is primarily aimed at business people, and lets you hold up to four reservations at any one time. Extra luggage fees and upgrades are extra.

Pre-paid air travel isn't a new idea, Bloomberg reports, and has had varying success in the past, but OneGo is the first time any flight subscription service has launched as an app.

OneGo's founder Paulius Grigas said in a statement:

By eliminating those factors like price and payment, you really allow people to focus on where they need to be. You let them focus on their needs.

True, but it doesn't sound too good for the environment, does it?

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