Watch a comedian absolutely obliterate a sexist heckler - in front of his own daughters

Watch a comedian absolutely obliterate a sexist heckler - in front of his own daughters

Los Angeles-based comedian Steve Hofstetter opens his shows by warning hecklers not to bother. "You will lose... I'm paid to be witty for a living. Would you come up to a boxer and be like 'mehhh'?"

But, obviously, there's no telling some men people - so it's refreshing that at least in this instance, one sexist heckler got exactly what was coming to him.

Hofstetter was talking about the sexist backlash when Jessica Mendoza recently became the first woman to become a professional baseball commenter, when a member of the audience - with apparently no sense of irony whatsoever - shouted "next" to get Hofstetter to hurry up the set.

The heckler tried to deflect his comment, but Hofsetter wasn't about to let him off the hook that easily.

When the man refuses to leave, Hofsetter notices he's sitting at a table with others - including two women who are his daughters.

Here's the fun part... so you have daughters? And I was standing up for women's rights, and you got offended by that. That's f--ked up dude.

People ask me why I care about this stuff...

As it turns out, I actually have a genetic history of women in my family. As it turns out, my grandmother was a woman, my mother was a woman... it skipped a generation with me, which doesn't make sense, but if I have a daughter, I bet she'd be one, because I'm a carrier.

Hofsetter said the heckler touched a nerve because of the gig's proximity to Father's Day.

He lost his own father 18 months ago, he says to followers in a YouTube video.

The takeaway from my last ever conversation with my father was simple. Being manly? It's not about your strength. It's about your strength of character.

If you want to be a real man then respect the women in your life.

Watch his perfect take down below:

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