You can only access this café's WiFi by solving an equation


When Joshua_Glock was confronted with the wi-fi password at his local Thai restaurant, he turned to reddit for help.

The password, given in the form of an equation, looks very daunting, hence Joshua's query:

Where are the math wizards at?

They arrived, and told us it seems to be a binomial probability density function, which defines the chances of getting a certain result within an array of attempts.

The problem being the function doesn't appear to define the amount of attempts properly.

Fast forward through numerous attempts, including variations of the word 'binomial' and asking for 'n', our hero appears to have had no further success with the Thai restaurant.

Our hero said but an hour ago:

We haven't failed, we just haven't found the correct password yet, we will eventually.

I'm still trying, no success.

Of course, this could just be a fable- that the number of attempts you make will never be defined as you'll never find the answer.

Or it's just trolling by a cafe which doesn't want to shell out for bandwidth.

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