Actress is left bemused by Michelin star restaurant and its odd food presentation

Twitter/Tracy Ann Oberman

Attending a Michelin star restaurant and eating their highly acclaimed food is a privilege that you don't get to experience every day.

Former Eastenders actress Tracy-Ann Oberman (who used to play Old Vic landlady Chrissie Watts) got a bit more than she bargained for when she visited the illustrious Martin Berasategui restaurant.

The Spanish chef has a remarkable three Michelin stars to his name and 12 restaurants located throughout Spain, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

The food tasted exquisite, but the presentation left Oberman and her husband, Rob Cowan a little bemused.

Sharing the dishes on Twitter, her experience began with this vase-like creation.

She also tagged the account We Want Plates; a campaign to have food served on normal platters, not bits of wood or slates.

Then came this, which looks like something that has been made in a woodwork class.

The most confusing moment for the couple was undoubtedly this item which came accompanied with a white cylinder shaped object in a stone.

Oberman reported that her husband tried to nibble the white object which turned out to be a napkin.

She confirmed this on Twitter and her friends started imitating the event with a couple of hilarious pictures.

Oberman later tagged Berasategui in a tweet where she complimented the food but wasn't too sure about the presentation.

Speaking to Indy100 Oberman said that her husband presumed the napkin would have been infused with something hence why he tried to eat it.

My hubby thought the napkin has been infused with Saki so thought it was edible or drinkable!!

She also said that she and her husband usually like Michelin star venues but this one was a touch too far for their tastes.

We like a Michelin star but this topped all pretentiousness.

The waiters were in hushed reverence the whole time and the food was delicious but served with such awe and on such stupid receptacles that it made the whole thing preposterous.

And that was before the bill came.

Fortunately, the actress, who has also starred in Toast of London and Doctor Who hasn't let this experience put her off reviewing other Michelin star restaurants in the future.

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