Watch the heartwarming moment a girl asks her stepfather to adopt her legally and he bursts into tears

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No, we're not crying, you are!

This is the incredibly heartwarming moment a stepfather bursts into tears when his adopted daughter finally presents him with the documents that ask him to become her legal father.

Jamie has been called 'dad' by 17-year-old Jaymi-Lea since she was five years old, but he never thought the day would come when she asked him to adopt her legally.

However, that's exactly what she did. One morning in their house in Prenton, Mersyside, she presented him with a photobook that explained that she wanted him to become her father in the eyes of the law.

Despite being initially sceptical about reading the booklet out loud on camera, and for his partner Katy Birch to film it, he eventually read the booklet, and bursts into uncontrollable sobs when he realises what it says.

Jaymi-Lea then comes into shot on the video, and the father and daughter share an emotional hug.

Jaymi's mum, Katy Birch, filmed the entire encounter. Speaking to StoryTrender she said:

Jaymi-Lea has called Jamie ‘dad’ ever since she was five years old, and that had been enough for him. 

When Jaymi-Lea told me she wanted to ask Jamie to adopt her, I cried like a baby.

It was completely my daughter’s decision to ask Jamie to adopt her. 

We have never really discussed adoption, Jamie has always just been dad!

The touching moment was caught on camera on Father's Day, 3 June. Katy, who is disabled and suffers from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, praised her husband's character as her carer, and said that this is only the second time in their 15 year marriage that she's seen him cry.

She continued:

The day she gave him the book, she was feeling a little nervous, but mostly we were all super excited and emotional. 

I cried filming it, she cried giving him the book, and my middle child, Abbie, cried watching it happen.

I’ve only ever seen my husband cry twice in 15 years, and to see him reading the book and watch his emotions come flooding in was an amazing warm fuzzy feeling.

He is an amazing husband and best friend to me.

If that hasn't made you well up, we don't know what will.

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