Squabbling, racist rants and controversial arrests seem to pop up more frequently at McDonald's than any heartwarming acts of kindness.

But our fast-food faith can be restored after this viral video showing a selfless tradesman paying for an elderly man's McDonald's meal as he struggles to count out the right change.

The footage, secretly filmed by his business partner Melanie Langley, has over a 2 million views on Facebook.

It shows a tradesman, appropriately named Dave Love, buying the pensioner coffee, breakfast and giving him $20.

As Love pays, the footage shows the elderly man commenting:

There's still some nice people here.

He thanks the tradesman profusely, who then slips $20 into his hands, saying:

That's for your next coffee.

After attempting to resist, the pensioner eventually accepts the money, and says:

Thank you very much…you're a gentleman.

Thank you. 

Langley, who had been filming the exchange, asks Love what he was doing.

Love explains the "old fella" was "down on his last 20 bucks". He continues:

He's standing there with a whole heap of change…

He's a pensioner and he's old, so I paid for his meal and I gave him 20 dollars.

It is what it is honey, it's life.

Love asks Langley if she had been filming, but she denies it. On the Facebook post, Langley wrote:

Your true character is revealed when nobody’s watching.

And explains why she said she wasn't filming the exchange when she was:

I told him I wasn’t videoing as he would’ve made me turn it off.

People were truly moved by the video.

One Facebook commenter called Love a hero:

In a time where a tradie is caught coward punching a stranger on the street this is the good news story we long to see.

This young man is the true hero and so much more "a man" than that repulsive scum. 

Another congratulated him on his kindness:

I know you didn’t want it to be filmed, and that’s because you’re a genuinely kind person who doesn’t look for praise and recognition for you’re act of kindness.

But I’m glad it was filmed and shared so that others who are moved by your actions can now pay it forward to another gentle soul that needs a little help.

Well done son.

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