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In the maelstrom created by bills, getting that perfect job, and watching all your peers do it ‘better’ on social media, sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of your life.

Sometimes, it’s difficult not to live in relation to another.

Professor Nyasha Junior posed a simple question for the women of Twitter:

If you are a 40+ woman, what one piece of advice would you give to your 20-something self?

The advice came pouring in as women from across the world wrote in.

These golden nuggets of knowledge can apply to men or women, and to those before or after their 20s…

1. If someone tells you to wait your turn, ignore them.

2. Define success on your own terms.

3. Don't pigeonhole your experiences.

4. Never chase anyone who doesn't want you.

5. Learn your strengths and live using them .

6. Trust your gut.

7. Stop romanticising 'bad boys'.

8. Put yourself first.

9. Be brave.

10. Cherish your friends.

11. You can never have too much sunscreen.

12. Don't apologise for who you are.

13. Spend time with your loved ones.

14. Keep track of your accomplishments.

15. And finally...enjoy your 20s.

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