Cher is a ridiculously fabulous human being who has constantly wowed us all with her voice, her fashion choices, and her verve.

And now, clips of the 72-year-old icon dragging George W Bush in the 2000s, when he was president, have started to go viral.

Journalist Nick Desideri shared a clip of her calling into C-Span in a scathing attack of the Bush administration.

The news anchor didn’t catch her identity for a few seconds. She had said she was an ‘entertainer' but did not wish to divulge what kind.

This prompted him to pause and ask: "Is this Cher?"

"Yeah," she replied.

And then she spoke about the Iraq war veterans she met, questioning why they had to spend quite so much time stationed in the country.

These boys had unbelievable courage and they still said for the most part they were glad that they did it. A few of the national guards that felt it was their duty once they were over there but they wondered why they were taken out of America to spend that much time to spend as servicemen.

In a separate call-in to the same TV station, she calls Bush’s America a "regime".

I’m going to try and be really calm while I’m talking about this. This regime is… I’ve been alive for 11 presidents and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

She continued by attacking the government for not equipping its soldiers with the proper protective gear during the war in Iraq.

I don’t understand how this government can send men into war without the proper helmets, without the proper armour for their Humvees.

I’m so pissed off with these people, I’ve had enough of them.


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