Tory MP greeted with cheers after asking pro-EU activists if they want to 'bring down the government'

With tensions riding high in the UK, members of the public have taken to the streets to protest the proroguing of parliament and are demanding answers from the government.

There have already been protests outside of parliament and Downing Street and smaller protests have also taken place around the country, with pro-EU activists deliberately targetting the offices of Tory MPs.

In a truly surreal scene, a crowd gathered outside the office of Alex Chalk, the MP for Cheltenham who is also the private secretary for foreign secretary Dominic Raab.

Footage of the confrontation was shared on Twitter and featured Chalk, who it's worth noting voted to remain in the European Union, as he attempted to answer the crowd's questions.

However, the situation soon unravelled for Chalk when he presented the options to them about potentially blocking Brexit.

He said:

I have made my position clear and the implications of that are a matter for the chief whip.

My ultimate point is, if you want to block Brexit, if you want to block leaving on the 31st the options are, do you one: bring the government down?

With the one small question, he manages to unite the crowd as they erupt in cheers and the thought of the government being torn down and even Chalk seemed to appreciate the situation, raising his arms in the air with a wry smile on his face.

The footage was shared on Twitter by BBC Gloucestershire journalist Hayley Mortimer and people can't help but find it hilarious.

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