Just a few days ago, the notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones suggested that members of the political left in America will start an uprising to overthrow president Trump.

The creator of Info Wars suggested that this civil war will begin in Washington DC on 4 July, which just happens to be today.

This article has been written in an office in London, but we're yet to see any evidence of civil unrest or attempts to swarm the White House - but you never know. It's still early.

Of course, like most of Jones's theories, the likelihood of this coming to fruition is slim to none, but it has caught the attention of people.

Soon after Jones posted his video, Twitter began to mock the gruff-voiced radio show (seriously, can someone get him a drink of water?) and complained that they hadn't been invited to the uprising.

Now a second wave of jokes aimed at Jones has started to crop up. #SecondCivilWarLetters is basically just that; letters written to loved ones from a fictional frontline about a war that isn't happening.

Predictably, they are very funny and full of references to Jones, Trump and the alt-right. Here are some of the best:

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