Not only is she one of the youngest women to ever be elected to Congress, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also has a very strong social media game and wants everyone to enjoy it.

The future Democratic congressional representative for New York's 14th district has been documenting her freshmen orientation to the house via Instagram stories.

These stories include her talking her followers through the various proceeds that she is having to go through, talking to other politicians and taking photos of landmarks on the Hill.

Unlike most users of Instagram stories, she often talks during her videos but this isn't beneficial for everyone, especially those who are hard of hearing.

She is obviously fully aware of this and has sought to make them accessible to everyone, by adding subtitles.

Thanks to a tool called Clipomatic, all of her stories are now captioned, something which she confirmed on Twitter.

Opening up about the inner workings of Congress on social media is an unprecedented move for a politician but it is proving to be fascinating and the fact that it is now accessible to everyone has seen her win a lot of praise online.

Others are now hoping that she can make her stories not just accessible to the deaf but to everyone regardless of their disability.

HT The Daily Dot

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