Fox News' terrible takes have totally stopped coming as a surprise these days. We usually just see them and shake our heads in dismay.

But this one almost takes it to the next level.

On a recent Fox News segment, the anchor referenced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying that it's immoral that billionaires co-exist in a country where:

people [who] are still getting ringworm bc they don’t have access to public health.

In response, Marc Thiessen, a Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor, said:

1st of all, ringworm isn't fatal,


Needless to say, people were pretty unimpressed by what they perceived as heartless conservatism.

Ocasio-Cortez responded that she'd actually meant to say 'hookworm', a disease that's associated with extreme poverty, and is thriving in the deep south.

However, the same principle applies.

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