Remembering when Fox News mistakenly called Trump 'David' and everyone was confused

Remembering when Fox News mistakenly called Trump 'David' and everyone was confused

By now, you would think that Fox News would know everything that there is to know about Donald Trump.

After all, their service pretty much provides 24/7 coverage of the president, his administration and justifying their policies. However, it doesn't always go according to plan, as certain sectors of their audience have begun to turn against the president.

That being said, you would still hope that someone, somewhere within their vast network would be keeping everything in shape and making sure that they could do at least the bare minimum for the commander in chief.

Yet, the simple task of getting Trump's name right seems to have evaded them after they managed to call him 'David Trump'.

This is what happened a couple of years ago during Laura Ingraham's show where they covered theTime 'Person of the Year', in a graphic showing the runners-up to the prize.

Twitter user @DustinGiebel captured the moment and just to prove that it wasn't a piece of Photoshop trickery, he shared a video of Ingraham noticing the typo and being just as bemused as everyone else.

Not sure about you, but we think Dave Trump has a certain ring to it. Maybe the president should consider using it in case he ever needs to go into hiding?

Incidentally 'David Dennison' was the alias that Trump used in documents and lawsuits to attempt to silence Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claims to have had an affair with the president. It's not the only name that he was being referred to at the time.

Trump's name wasn't the only problem in that graphic – as they also managed to label the South Korean president by his given name Jae-in, rather than by his family name of Moon.

Needless to say, people couldn't get enough of this highly amusing mistake and proceeded to unleash a deluge of jokes.

Still, we wouldn't put too much faith in Ingraham's graphics department as they willingly made and shared this monstrosity on the same day as the aforementioned farce.

What a day that was.

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