Fox News aired an advert for 'Trumpy Bear' and people are losing it

Fox News aired an advert for 'Trumpy Bear' and people are losing it

Just when you thought the Trump presidency couldn't get more surreal, someone goes and makes a teddy bear in honour of the president.

Not only that but the bear comes complete with maybe the most bizarre advert you've ever seen.

If you aren't quite up to speed on this story, allow us to introduce Trumpy Bear, a cuddly toy sporting Trump's trademark hair and big red tie.

These type of novelty souvenirs crop up all the time for celebrities and politicians but usually lay dormant on the Internet or shopping channels and never get any mainstream media coverage.

Trumpy Bear seems to be bucking the trend. Despite an advert for the toy existing since July 2017, it has just started to air on Fox News leading to the type of exposure the creators could have never dreamed of.

Except the advert is so unironically hilarious that people have been dragging it on Twitter out of sheer disbelief.

Yes, this is a real thing that is happening in 2018 and if you can suspend your disbelief for just a second there is something uniquely disturbing about turning a controversial world leader into a cute toy and selling it to his supporters.

Jimmy Kimmel seems to be fully aware of how problematic this is and created his own advert where immigrants, black people and women who 'slept' with Trumpy Bear talk about how much they enjoy their new friend.

Still, if this completely bizarre product hasn't completely dumbfounded you and you are still intrigued it is available to purchase for the reasonable price of just $19.95.

According to the bear also comes with a certificate and 'cozy flag themed blanket' which isn't disrespectful to the Stars and Stripes at all.

Oh...and it appears to be made in China. Make of that what you will.

Fox Business has also interviewed the creator of the bear, Elliott Brackett, who appears to be making a small fortune out of the product.

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