Amazon delivery driver accused of urinating on customer’s food order

Amazon delivery driver accused of urinating on customer’s food order

An Amazon delivery driver will appear in court after being accused of urinating on a food shop order.

The customer, who did not want to be identified, was notified by their smart doorbell when the driver first approached his home in Rhode Island.

They watched as the worker first dropped off cases of sparkling water, after which things began to get “strange”.

Appearing to notice he was being captured on the doorbell’s camera, the driver crouched out of sight and allegedly began to urinate on the delivery.

The customer was none the wiser until they went to collect the food, and saw the wet spot on the ground, before re-watching the footage with the volume on loud.

They said: “At that point, I realised that he had urinated all over my food.”

The customer called Amazon’s corporate number to lodge a complaint and was apologised to and given $100 credit on their account.

A cleaning crew was also sent to clean the front porch.

The incident was also reported to the police, who began trying to locate 38-year-old driver Ivan Jimenez, of 9 Erastus Street in Providence. It wasn’t long before he went to the station, and identified himself as the man in the footage.

He was charged with one count of vandalism, although he denies urinating on the delivery.

The customer said: “I’m just totally mind-blown about the whole thing. I just don’t know what he was thinking or if he did just have to go to the bathroom.

“I’m extremely happy that I had the doorbell because if we didn’t, then we would be drinking [the water] right now. It’s disgusting to think about.”

Amazon confirmed the driver was “no longer delivering Amazon packages”.

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