Amber Rudd has become a meme absolutely no one asked for


Home Secretary Amber Rudd hasn't had the best of elections.

The Independent's Rachel Roberts wrote from Hastings & Rye that Rudd's

political future is hanging in the balance with a full recount announced in her East Sussex constituency following a difficult campaign.

The recount, coupled with the fact she seems on shaky ground in her constituency, has birthed a brand new meme that... Well, no one really asked for.

Those of us remaining awake throughout the evening have taken a somewhat dark interest in the Rudd recounts.

It's just simply logic.

But seriously, it's felt like forever.

It's amused many.

You know you're scraping the bottom of the internet barrel when you're bringing out the Busted gifs.

We just want to go to bed.

Forget bed, just a short kip under a desk would be good.

Just make it stop.

No more.


Finally though, it was declared that Amber Rudd had managed to hold her Hastings seat - albeit with the narrowest of margins (around 300)

You can all go to bed now.

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