This note left on an ambulance windscreen proves there's still some good left in the world


The UK ambulance service has been the recipient of a number of horrid messages, but the tides seem to be turning.

A man was arrested in May after leaving a scathing note on an ambulance at the scene of a medical emergency, threatening it would be ‘smashed’, and earlier this year a woman pleaded guilty to a public order offence for leaving an expletive-filled note on an ambulance in Stoke-on-Trent.

In a turn of events, an anonymous note was tucked into the windshield of Gary Turley and his colleagues’ ambulance while they were attending to a patient in Faversham, in Kent.

Michal Pezdar, Carol Lewis and Gary Turley blocked a driveway in their effort to get to a patient after they were called out.

When they approached their ambulance, they noticed a note, and to their surprise, someone had left a ten pound note, too.

It read:

You’re blocking our drive… No worries. Buy a coffee when you can xxx​

(Picture: SWNS)

Ambulance technician Turley, from Ashford, told Kent Online that the gesture was appreciated.

The note was a really nice surprise, very generous and much appreciated.

I’d like to thank whoever it was that left it. It was really appreciated. It had been a challenging shift and to find this halfway through was lovely.

This isn’t the first time a well-wishing note was left on an ambulance’s windshield.

Two weeks ago a five pound note was left on a Flintshire, North Wales ambulance, sharing similar sentiments.

(Picture: SWNS)

The message said:

Thank you for blocking my driveway to save a life.

Refreshments on me.

Ambulance crew member, Aimee Louise, responded to the gesture on Facebook.

She said: "Returning to the ambulance after a call to find this heartwarming message tucked under the wiper."

Absolutely made our day. Such a heartwarming gesture. Thank you so much kind stranger.

Additional reporting by SWNS.

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