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One of the more unexpected developments of 2015 was Milifandom; when the nation developed a collective, and slightly disturbing, crush on former Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Miliband fever hit teenage girls particularly hard in the lead-up to the 2015 general election – leaving parents across the country praying their children’s infatuation wouldn't distract them from exam revision.

In its height, it got pretty crazy.

Sadly, the obsession wasn’t enough to win Labour, and hopeful prime minister Miliband, the election. Labour voters watched through teary eyes as Miliband stepped down as Labour leader, and disappeared from the limelight.

But the British beefcake has been enjoying a slow comeback as a backbench MP – voicing his thoughts on recent UK and US events.

And he’s been gaining recognition overseas. A recent popular article on Jezebelwas titled, ‘Would you have sex with this appalled British MP?'

The website, which caters to a predominately US audience, held an online poll, and currently 35 per cent say they 'would'.

And what’s not to love?

Mliband has buckets of sass:

He's principled:

He's practically a philosopher:

And, well - no one's perfect.

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