Um, did a right-wing website just confuse Ed Miliband for Hillary Clinton's 'sex fixer' and 'hitman'?
Picture: American News/screengrab

With a few weeks left before the US presidential elections, pro-Donald Trump media are using the final stretch to drag Hillary Clinton’s name through the mud.

The National Enquirer published a so-called ‘tell all’ and claims to have interviewed a Clinton operative who took part in a number of cover-up operations, including bribing reporters and hiding her affairs.

The 16-month investigation claimed that ‘Mr Fix-It’ helped the Clinton family - in particular Hillary - cover up a number of scandals.

In a statement, the National Enquirer wrote:

In vetting this story during almost two years of investigation, we were confident in the credibility of [Mr Fix-It] after reviewing his hand-written diaries during the relevant time period, faxed memos to the White House bearing date and time stamps, pay-off ledgers, and the independent verification of four other sources who confirmed [his] involvement in the Clinton operation.

A website called American News also covered the story with an apparent image of 'Mr Fix-it' and this headline:

People were shocked and angered...

According to the website, this is Clinton's 'hitman' and 'sex fixer':

Picture: American News/screengrab

That is Ed Miliband.

Former Labour leader, 'Red Ed' Miliband.

That Ed.

The photo is from a video during Nelson Mandela's memorial service in 2013.

For clarification, this is Jeff Rovin - a man who has claimed to be Clinton's actual fixer:

He was interviewed by Fox News this week.

So what happened? Did the website really confuse Ed Miliband with a man tasked with 'fixing' Hillary Clinton's apparent sordid affairs?


What many, many people in the comments section did not seem to realise, is that American News is a satirical website - blending half truths with reality to troll the public.

Other ‘stories’ that have been covered on the website include:

'Top Marine General Now Risking His Career To Take Down Obama'


'Black Man Brutally Beats Up Woman In Front Of Her Child… For Being White'


Just When You Thought You’ve Heard The Worst The ISIS Is Doing, This Information Leaked'

All the stories have been debunked by Lincoln Report.

A number of other places have also pointed out that the website is 'fake news' at best, unsavoury satire at worst. Fake News Watch describe it as:

Fake/Hoax News sites are satire sites that are not funny. They are an attempt to play on gullible people who do not check sources and will just pass the news on as if it were really true.


The National Enquirer did run a story about 'Mr Fix-It', and American television show host Shaun Hannity claimed to have interviewed him.

But it's not Ed Miliband.

HT Zing Tsjeng

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