Dog centres flooded with unwanted XL Bullys

Dog centres flooded with unwanted XL Bullys
'Strong case' for banning XL Bully dogs, says Keir Starmer

Dog rescue centres are being flooded with XL Bully dogs following news they may be banned.

Owners are dumping their dogs in the centres or on the streets after their fate was called into question when one attacked an 11-year-old child in Birmingham last weekend.

Home secretary Suella Braverman responded saying she was seeking "urgent advice" on whether the breed should be banned.

Meanwhile, West Midlands Police are investigating the attack which also left two men who intervened bitten, with injuries to their shoulders and arms.

Now, owners are getting rid of their controversial pets. Vickie Phillips, manager at City Dogs Home, who thinks they should be banned, toldthe Mirror “every other dog” brought to the centre in Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, is an XL Bully or American Bulldog.

She added: “When they’ve had enough pups, people want rid of them. Some bring them in because they’re nervous of them. Then there are people who throw them out on the streets and the dog wardens have to bring them in. They’re big dogs and once they get someone on the floor, that’s it."

Vanessa Waddon, from Hope Rescue in South Wales, which takes in stray and seized dogs, has also seen an increase in XL Bullys. She told the publication: “People are deliberately abandoning their dogs, pretending they are strays. A lot of the Bully types we have are seized from low welfare breeders.”

Dr Lawrence Newport, who campaigns for evidence-based regulation of dangerous dogs, added: “XL Bullys are being given away often because owners are scared. The price for a pup is down from £2,000 to £200."

But not everyone thinks they should be banned. Indeed, a trainer has appeared on the BBC to defend the controversial breed and made her case while... wearing a dog collar.

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