The price of an XL Bully has completely crashed

The price of an XL Bully has completely crashed
American XL bully dog is a danger to communities and will be …
Rishi Sunak

American Bully XL dogs are being advertised for sale at cheaper prices online amid the recent announcement from prime minister Rishi Sunak that the breed will be banned by the end of this year.

The ban comes following dogs of this breed being involved in a series of dangerous attacks around the country.

The decision to ban American XL Bullies would mean that it would be illegal to own, breed or sell them, though owners have protested the ban and an online petition that says owners are to blame not the breed has reached 590,733 signatures.

While XL Bullies had previously been advertised for anywhere between £5,000 to £20,000, owners have since been putting their dogs and pups up for sale at a discounted rate of just £250.

On Pets4Homes, one advert in Redhill had four male and seven female XL Bully puppies for sale at £250 each, with the owner acknowledging how owning the breed amid the ban would be "more challenging."

"So the sad news that the XL bully ban has been announced. At this time, they are not an illegal dog and the XL community are hoping to change the government's decision with tighter legislation," the ad read.

Owners have been selling their American XL Bullies at a discounted rate since the impending ban was announced.Pets4Homes

"Needless to say, it will make owning an XL Bully more challenging but not impossible. These are fabulous family dogs when looked after by responsible owners who dedicate time to them."

Another advert on Pets4Homes in Eastbourne, also had an American XL Bully for sale, priced at £250 and the description noted how the pup is "being socialised around children and adults of all age."

An American XL Bully puppy for sale for just £250 amid the government's recent ban on the breed that's set to occur at the end of the year.Pets4Homes

While others are looking to sell their dogs overseas where the breed isn't banned.

"There's no point putting them up for stupid amounts of money and people buying it and then they're stuck in this situation [of owning a banned dog]. It's not fair," one anonymous owner told the Daily Star.

"If someone came along and messaged saying, 'We'll give one [of the dogs] a good home, but I haven't got any money,' I'd be absolutely fine with that.

"As long as it is out of the way and the dog is safe. A lot of them are going to be going abroad because I know they're going to be safe."

Meanwhile, last month it was previously reported how dog centres have been flooded with unwanted XL Bullys.

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