5 times Angela Rayner demolished Boris Johnson in 'blistering' PMQs performance

Angela Rayner stepped in for Keir Starmer at Prime Minister's Questions today while the Labour leader self-isolates at home.

The deputy Labour leader's "blistering" performance has been widely praised for making Boris Johnson look "completely out of his depth".

Rayner opened her line of questioning by asking Johnson what the hourly wage of a care worker in England is.

Unsurprisingly, she didn't get a straight answer.

She also questioned how the government will roll out mass testing next year as it plans to when people are struggling to access a single test today.

People are being sent hundreds of miles away from their homes to find tests.

Probably the most iconic line, though, was her dig about Dominic Cummings.

Rayner also took a leaf out of Ed Miliband's book and told Johnson to stop blaming other people for his own "incompetence".

Infections are rising. The testing system is collapsing.

When you are prime minister you can't keep trying to blame other people for your own incompetence. 

And she had something to say about the fact that hunting and grouse shooting are exempt from the latest ban on large gatherings.

Because, of course they are.

With confirmation that one of his children has tested negative with coronavirus, it's unlikely Starmer will return to PMQs next week.

But in his absence, he can rest assured that his deputy will hold her own and completely eviscerate the PM.

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