This animator made an important point about gay characters

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Saturday 24 November 2018 15:30
Picture:(20th Television)

An argument has broken out on Twitter and for once it's one of actual importance.

Animator @AlexTweeterMan has pointed out a difference between gay characters and how they are portrayed and assessed against straight characters, whom are erroneously often seen as the 'default setting' for a person.

In a series of tweet, Alex address the point:

It's an important point being made, especially considering how few people seem to think it's a problem.

A general reply on social media to the thread says that: “Gay or straight, don’t bring up sexuality if it’s not plot-relevant.” Which is pretty much the most ignorant thing to claim.

A lot of people praised Alex for what he said:

It's 2018 people, time to leave these utterly insane prejudices towards gay people behind.

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