If you missed it, this was one of the greatest moments of the general election night

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It's been a bad night for Theresa May.

Six weeks ago, she called a snap general election, hoping for "unity in Westminister" and "stability" during the Brexit negotiations.

Instead, she lost her majority, leaving us with a hung parliament to sort out. We still don't know who is going to form a government.

Anna Soubry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe, faced a tight race. Early in the night, Labour thought it might win the seat, but in the end Soubry won with a slim majority of 863.

She did, however, provide us with one of the best moments of the night.

Speaking to David Dimbleby on the BBC, she said it had been a "dreadful campaign" and she did not hold back on her criticism of Theresa May.

When Dimbleby asked her to elaborate on "a dreadful campaign" she said, "Well where do you want me to begin?" adding that, "It's bad" when asked if May should resign as Tory leader.

Twitter users have reacted, appreciating her honesty.

See the full exchange below.

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