Dr Anthony Fauci can’t contain laughter when told about Trump’s Facebook suspension

Dr. Fauci’s response to Trumps continued Facebook suspension is priceless
Dr. Fauci’s response to Trumps continued Facebook suspension is priceless

When asked about former President Donald Trump’s continued suspension from Facebook on MSNBC, Dr Anthony Fauci could hardly contain his laughter.

We’d probably have the same reaction if we’d been stuck working for a Covid-denying commander in chief for a year, too.

On Wednesday morning, moments after the Facebook Oversight Board announced it would continue to suspend Trump, America’s beloved doctor and Covid-19 expert appeared on MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Reports.

“You heard the breaking news a moment ago that Facebook is upholding its band on Donald Trump, and I’m not asking you to be political,” Ruhle asked Fauci.

“But you know firsthand, you saw firsthand, the power he has in messaging, including spreading misinformation about the coronavirus,” Ruhle said, and asked “What is your reaction to this news?”

Fauci immediately responded, chuckling, with: “None. I’m not going there!”

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Fauci joined Ruhle to discuss the fight against Covid-19, highlighting vaccine hesitancy and the push for herd immunity.

“Why don’t we focus on the endgame, and the endgame is to get as many people vaccinated as you possibly can, as quickly as you can,” Dr Fauci told Ruhle. “If you do that, with all the unknowns that we have, the one thing we absolutely know as a fact, is that the more people you get vaccinated, the lower and lower number of infections are going to be in the community.”

Dr Fauci also focused on the importance of children getting vaccinated despite their low risk in contracting the virus.

“We’ve seen plenty of children who get into serious trouble, but relatively speaking the risk is lower,” Fauci said.” But you don’t want them to be part of the chain of transmission. That’s the point.”

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