Laurence Fox criticised the NHS and it went as well as you’d expect

Laurence Fox criticised the NHS and it went as well as you’d expect

The mayoral election was but a day away. All the candidates needed to do was sit tight, try not to say anything silly, and wait for the people to go to the polls.

But Laurence Fox rejected any such suggestion in favour of having a fight with a doctor on Twitter it’s not like people love the NHS or anything.

Yes posting on Twitter, the controversial candidate who is polling at 1% despite wasting spending a reported £5 million on his campaign, responded arrogantly to a doctor who reminded him of his electoral fate:

He said:


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Somewhere in an office in Vauxhall, Fox’s campaign manager wept, trying desperately to lock him out of his Twitter account, lest he did more damage and ruined his chances in the polls further.

Anyway, people were thoroughly outraged by Fox, and told him so:

But this did not deter Fox’s desire to continue the PR nightmare - which of course could well have been a last minute bid for attention before the polls opened. After the doctor in question, Benjamin Janaway, noted people’s responses and suggested that Fox’s comment had backfired, he doubled down:

Cue more backlash:

It is not the first time the actor turned plonker has clashed with the health service. Last year he angered NHS staff when he boasted about breaking lockdown rules by hosting a lunch with friends:

One of the more charming utterances he made in this argument was:

“If you can’t deal with a 99.9% survival rate virus, you aren’t fit for purpose. You don’t need protecting, my elderly relatives do. I also love your emergency care and will continue to pay for it. For now.”

Standing against the NHS is bold, we can’t deny that, and to do it twice within months is a surefire way to get Londoners on side. Too bad he has spent most of his campaign dodging a YouTuber who is trolling him, and hanging out at the pub.

On this occasion, Janaway tried to have the last word:

But after getting attention, Fox continued his tirade:

And after the election took place and Fox lost his £10,000 deposit after failing to get 2% of the vote, Janaway returned to Twitter to stick the boot in:

We don’t blame him.

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