18 of the most bizarre things that Trump has already posted on his new glorified blog

18 of the most bizarre things that Trump has already posted on his new glorified blog

Donald Trump is back...on social media. Well, sort of.

The former president, who is banned from nearly every major social media platform on the planet following the violent capitol riots that rocked the United States on 6th January, has launched his own blogging page called ‘From the Desk of Donald J Trump.

Although the name could do with a bit of work, the website is basically a copycat of Twitter which allows you to scroll back through his various ramblings and share them on your own Twitter or Facebook pages.

Oh – and only he can post on it.

It’s unclear when the website was actually launched as the first post is dated 24th March 2021 and is filled with statements previously released by his team. The blog began to make headlines after announcing itself with a bizarre video that starts in space and ends at his desk in his Mar-A-Largo resort in Florida.

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So, where to start with this?

Well, first things first, the image at the very top of the page doesn’t make much sense at all. It shows Trump writing something with a marker pane (possibly his name) in a giant book that is too big to be a note pad. Seriously, what is going on here?

Anyway... on to the posts. At the time of writing, Trump has posted on the platform 40 times. Unlike Twitter, this website doesn’t seem to limit Trump to a particular amount of characters so he is free to spout as much nonsense and rhetoric as he pleases.

His first two posts on the page were in regards to Georgia. The first is Trump giving his approval to David Shafer, the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. The second is slightly more controversial as he praises the controversial new voting laws in Georgia which have been labelled by critics as racist. This has lead to several major companies pulling out of Georgia in protest.

Next, we move to 2nd April where Trump returns to one of his favourite subjects – voter fraud – and begins to peddle the baseless claims that he actually won the 2020 US election.

On the 4th April, Trump wished everyone a Happy Easter including “Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our presidential election and want to destroy our country!” How thoughtful of him.

In a gigantic post on 5th April, he complains about a New York Times investigation into his team’s grassroots fundraising during the election and pushes further conspiracies about voter fraud.

Trump launches an attack on the Republican governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson after he had vetoed a controversial piece of legislation. Trump’s motif seemed to be to promote his former press secretary Sarah Sanders who is running for the role of Arkansas governor.

12th April sees Trump attack his old buddies CNN for an apparent fake bit of reporting on him meeting with under fire congressman Matt Gaetz. He instead tells the network to look at “Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell, who had a torrid and physical relationship with the Chinese spy Fang-Fang.”

13th April: Trump reuses his racist ‘China virus’ catchphrase in a rant about the Biden administration putting a pause to the use of the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine.

On to 23rd April and Trump goes on another rant about election fraud this time focusing on Arizona and calls for full transparency because “THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID!”

Also on 23rd April, Trump chooses to praise the North Korean lead Kim Jong-un and also criticise South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, who he calls ‘weak.’

Trump directs his anger at congresswoman Liz Cheney, one of the few Republicans to criticise Trump. This post is particularly amusing just for the way he over exaggerates the word ‘so.’

30th April: Trump takes a dig at Twitter and their falling stock price and called the website ‘BORING.’ We wonder if he’d say that if he was still on there.

Into May and Trump pokes fun at Mitt Romney, who was booed by rabid Trump supporters at the Utah State Convention. Trump calls the former Republican presidential candidate and a critic of Trump, a “stone cold loser.”

Finally, the most recent post which isn’t the aforementioned video is Trump again mocking Liz Cheney who he believes will never run in Wyoming again.

Just before 10 am on Wednesday morning Trump ranted about Cheney again but also took aim at his former vice president Mike Pence and the ‘gutless and clueless’ Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell for not backing his baseless voter fraud. lies.

Trump returned to the blog almost immediately after it was announced that Facebook would not be revoking his ban and that he is still suspended from the website. He called them, Twitter and Google a “total disgrace” and that ‘free speech has been taken away from the president of the United States” (someone might wanna tell him he isn’t POTUS anymore). He added: “These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.” Donald, if you wanna get back on these websites this might not be the best way to go about it.

After this Trump briefly returned to berating Cheney before posting this image declaring that he was endorsing Elise Stefanik for House GOP Conference chair as if it was some significant moment in history.

All this after just a few days of the blog going live. We can only imagine the carnage that is to come.

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