Right-wing radio host who called Covid a ‘scamdemic’ and Fauci a ‘lying freak’ dies of Covid

Right-wing radio host who called Covid a ‘scamdemic’ and Fauci a ‘lying freak’ dies of Covid

Dick Farrel, a right-wing radio host who called COVID-19 a “scamdemic” and advised his followers not to get the vaccine, has died due to complications from the coronavirus.

The controversial broadcaster, who was based in West Palm Beach, Florida, regularly campaigned against vaccination and criticised Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling the immunologist a “power tripping lying freak.” But Farrel’s close friends say that upon being hospitalised with the virus, he quickly changed his mind regarding vaccination.

Prior to falling ill, however, the former Newsmax anchor wrote, “Vaccine Bogus Bull Shid!, [sic] Two peeps I know, got vaxed, now have Corona, hospitalized critical. Thank you Moderna, FOR NOTHING,” later asking his followers, “why take a vax promoted by people who lied 2u [sic] all along about masks, where the virus came from and the death toll?”

The openly ardent Trump supporter also doubted the reality of a Delta variant, implying “FOOT-chee” (his nickname for Fauci) conceptualised it when Americans weren’t “falling for” the subsequent coronavirus waves. “So, presto! Delta Variant,” he said.

In another public post, Farrel incorrectly told his followers that they didn’t need the vaccine if they had already survived Covid. “Why can’t lib morons get it thru their pointy head,” he wrote. “Cleve Clinic sed[sic] ‘U need no vax one you survived getting covid!!’ folo the sci.” However the CDC guidelines strictly state everyone, regardless of whether or not they’ve already had COVID-19, should receive the vaccine.

But on July 11, Farrel asked Facebook if hydroxychloroquine from Canada was “safe” and “reliable,” and his last post, regarding Former U.S. President Donald Trump “retaking the white house,” was posted the next day. Seeing as Farrel’s friend Mick McCabe said Farrel had been hospitalised for three weeks prior to his death, it can be surmised that Farrel contracted COVID-19 around this time — which is also when he starting telling friends to get vaccinated.

“Covid Took One Of My Best Friends! RIP Dick Farrel,” wrote Farrel’s close friend Amy Leigh Hair. “He is the reason I took the shot! He texted me and told me to ‘Get it!’ He told me that this virus is no joke and he said: ‘I wish I had gotten it!’”

Leigh later told WPTV, “I was one of one the people like him who didn’t trust the vaccine. I trusted my immune system. I just became more afraid of getting COVID-19 than I was of any possible side effects of the vaccine. I’m glad I got vaccinated.”

Farrel’s life partner, Kit Farley, also took to Facebook to mourn their loss. “He fought like a tiger. Please don’t put off getting attention for this illness. Yes, for some it has minimal effects, but others it is deadly.”

“We will always love Dick Farrel, always appreciate his spirit, and miss him greatly. He was known as the other Rush Limbaugh. With a heavy heart, I can only say this was so unexpected. He will be missed.”

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