Arnold Schwarzenegger just dropped a rap song


Arnold Schwarzenegger has many names: The Terminator, former Mr. Universe, the ex-governor of California, and now apparently a rising rap star?

The German-born American teamed up with an Austrian singer called Andreas Gabalier to write a rap song called "Pump it Up (The Motivation Song)" - and it's music video pretty strange.

The inspiration song is all about Schwarzenegger's life: from the early days of extreme bodybuilding to his infamous role as The Terminator. Including old video footage of the actor, Gabalier dishes up all sorts of important life lessons, as the verse "work like hell, trust yourself and all your dreams come true" goes to show.

Half-way into the almost 5-minute song, Schwarzenegger himself appears, launching into his verse:

Terminator, superstar. They call you Conan the Barbar. Pumpin’ iron, steel machine. Living legend, evergreen. GOVERNATOOOOR, Mr. Universe Olympia.

Finally, because no footage of Schwarzenegger is complete without this infamous phrase, the actor looks into the camera to say: "Hasta la vista, baby"


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