As severe floods hit homes across the country, Britain shows incredible heartwarming solidarity

This Christmas more than 100 extreme weather warnings, including 15 citing life-threatening conditions, were issued across the UK.

Entire regions have been left devastated, with villages, towns and cities submerged in metres of water.

But, it is in times such as this that the true scale of human compassion and a heartwarming (and very British) attitude towards adversity comes to light.

Hundreds of volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association offered their services to flood victims across Cumbria.

Their work went hand-in-hand with the group's usual Christmas charity, which sees them feeding the homeless, visiting care homes and donating gifts for sick children.

Regional youth leader Nadeem Ahmad told the Dewsbury Reporter:

As Muslims we are duty bound to always help one another, especially when such disasters strike. Also I think it’s important that through our actions people can see the true nature of Islam.

The army was dispatched to some of the worst affected areas.

According to reports, 93 military personnel from 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment began assisting the Environment Agency, building flood barriers at 5am on Christmas day in Appleby, Braithwaite and Warwick Bridge.

Even at Christmas our Armed Forces are keeping us safe

  • Michael Fallon, defence secretary

Northwich-based motor home rental company Priory Rentals offered up its spare vehicles for those without a bed for the night after being forced to evacuate their homes.

In light of the floods in and around Lancashire, Priory Rentals would like to offer anyone who has nowhere to sleep a...

Posted by Priory Rentals - Motorhome Hire on Saturday, 26 December 2015

Others proved that even one person can make a difference.

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