Six ways you can help the victims of the Australian wildfires

Six ways you can help the victims of the Australian wildfires

Australia is currently facing one of the most devastating wildfires in recent memory where homes and habitats have been destroyed and lives have sadly been claimed as the blaze a ravaged large parts of the country.

From afar it can, at times, feel almost hopeless and powerless as to how those living away from Australia can do anything to help those in need. While no one would expect anybody apart from trained officials to try and combat the flames there are a few small ways that you can help both the emergency services and people that have been affected by the fires.

1. Make donations to the Rural Fire Service

At times of need, finances are of the utmost importance especially for emergency services whose resources would be stretched beyond belief.

There are ways of making direct donations to specific fire brigades in Australia. The New South Wales Rural Fire Service does have a bank account that can be utilised by the entire RFS.

The details are as follows:

Account Name: NSW Rural Fire Service

BSB: 032-001

Account No: 171051

Donations can also be made via this link.

2. Make donations to other fire services

Donations can also be made to the following donation to other fire services in the links provided.

Queensland, Fire and Rescue:


Victoria Country Fire Authority:

South Australia Country Fire Service:

3. Make a donation to charity

Money isn't the only thing that is needed in a crisis of this magnitude. Charities such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army have asked for money to help fund their relief but specific evacuations centres have listed important items that are needed in certain areas. Items needed include food, water tanks, clothing, fencing and fuel.

Please visit the following websites if you wish to help.


St Vincent de Paul Society

Gippsland Farmer Relief

4. Host a fundraiser

If you don't have any disposable funds but would still like to donate something, services have encouraged those who are willing to host a fundraiser, with the takings going directly to verified sources.

Those who are willing to do this should also first get permission from the RFS first, to make sure that the event is in line with the service's values.

To obtain permission, all requests should be sent to the following email:

5. Volunteer

If you are living in Australia or plan to travel there to help there are a number of ways of doing so.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue have welcomed any help from volunteers.

You can do so by either registering online or contacting them on the following number: 1800 994 100

6. Provide help for animals

It is believed that half a billion animals have been killed since the fires began in September. Charities have already begun to provide welfare for the creatures that they can still help.

Crucial items and financial donations are needed to help provide the necessary care so please give what you can to any of the charities below.



The Rescue Collective

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Koalas in Care

HT Guardian

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