Furious firefighter tells Australian prime minister to 'go and get f**ked'

Furious firefighter tells Australian prime minister to 'go and get f**ked'

The wildfires in Australia continue to rage, claiming at least 23 people's lives with close to a billion animals believed to have perished in the flames.

The blaze is now engulfing a colossal area of south-east Australia and prime minister Scott Morrison to deploy an extra 3000 reserve firefighters to the most severely affected areas.

However, Morrison's overall response to the disaster has been strongly criticised for taking too long to act and using the fires as a PR stunt.

Resentment towards Morrison has become so intense that even firefighters are letting their feelings known to the media and they aren't holding back.

During a report by 7 News Sydney on communities in New South Wales, one firefighter let rip on Morrison, literally saying:

Tell the prime minister to go and get f**ked.

The firefighter, who collapsed shortly after saying this, explained that he had been fighting house fires in the village of Nelligen.

I've lost seven houses in Nelligen. I'm not going to lose anymore.

The short clip of this man's fury has since gone viral and has come to represent the anger that Australians and many others around the world are containing right now.

You can watch the full segment in the video below.

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