This Australian journalist's column about same sex marriage gets right to the point

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Australia is currently in the midst of a two month long vote called the Marriage Act.

The postal vote, the results which are due in November, will see if the Australian people are happy to legalise same sex marriage.

Although the survey isn't legally binding, a victory for the 'Yes' campaign means that it could be taken to vote in parliament.

The vote has already provoked strong reactions on both sides of the debate.

The BBC report that top Australian politicians, including Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, are supporting the Yes vote.

'Vote No' advocates have been vocal though and this morning spread their message via the sky over Sydney.

Perhaps the strongest message by either side has been sent by NT News journalist Jill Poulsen, who used her column to maximum effect.

If you can't quite read what it says allow us to quote her:

Voting papers have started to drop through Territory maliboxes for the marriage equality postal vote an I wanted to share with you a list of white I'll be voting yest.

1. I'm not an a***hole.

That is literally all she wrote.

The column has won a lot of support on Twitter.

However, her to the point statement has attracted some criticism from those that don't agree with her choice of words.

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