A new trailer for Avengers: Endgame has been released and people are losing it

While you were distracted with the Brexit chaos and whatever Donald Trump is doing today, Marvel dropped a nice little surprise on the internet.

That's right, it's the new trailer for the hotly anticipated Avengers: Endgameand it's packed full of teases and moments that already have fans salivating at what is to come.

The trailer shows more of the state of Earth and the Avengers following Thanos's victory in Infinity War and, although things aren't much better, we are treated to a greater look into things to come.

People were very, very excited and could barely form sentences.

Easily the biggest reaction was to the appearance of Captain Marvel and her interaction with Thor, which caused people to have some serious feelings.

The unlikely partnership of Rocket Racoon and War Machine also got a lot of love.

However, Hawkeye's new haircut did not go down too well.

All about those new suits (which are probably for the Quantum Realm) tho.

The new poster isn't bad either.

Mark Ruffalo was just happy to be back on board after he was 'fired'.

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