'Lost and very alone' baby bear dies after being shot with a tranquilizer

'Lost and very alone' baby bear dies after being shot with a tranquilizer
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A "lonely" baby bear has died after being shot with a tranquilizer near an Idaho primary school.

Authorities were called to the scene following reports of a black bear roaming the area. When Idaho Fish and Game officers arrived, the one-year-old bear was climbing a tree, prompting them to tranquilize the animal to take it somewhere safer.

According to a statement from Idaho Fish and Game, the bear was in "extremely poor body condition and emaciated" and sadly died under anaesthesia.

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"We are saddened to report that the young bear did not make it out of the anaesthesia," James Brower at Idaho Fish and Game said. "We were already discussing suitable rehabilitation facilities for this bear, but despite doing all we could, it was in really rough shape and unfortunately was unable to recover."

They noted that there is always a risk tied to being tranquilized, which is heightened when an animal is in poor health.

"It is unusual to see one being active this time of year," Brower said. "This bear was obviously struggling."

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates took to Facebook saying the small black bear cub was "obviously very lost and alone."

"His mother might not have made it through the winter and he emerged from the den to try to find food," the post read. "He was underweight and obviously didn't know what to do.

"We have had a lot of snowfall lately and very cold temperatures which aren't conducive to the survival of a bear cub. Bears will start emerging from the den soon but this little fella was a few weeks too early."

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