Banksy might have been using 'Dismaland' to troll us this whole time

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Friday 21 August 2015 16:00

News organisations were given access to Banksy's dystopian theme park 'Dismaland' on Thursday, with most extolling the park's grim virtues.

The Independent's Chris Green called it "deeply unsettling, yet bizarrely entertaining" after touring the park yesterday.

The pop-up bemusement park in Weston-super-Mare features work by 46 different artists and will host performances by the likes of Massive Attack and Pussy Riot.

Dismaland opened to local residents for free today, and £3 tickets for general admission were supposed to go on sale at 11am.

However, several people have pointed out that the site's ticketing page has been crashing all day, and even when it does load, the calendar for choosing when you want to go appears to be just a static image rather than something interactive:

Even clicking on the upside down shopping trolley is a loop redirect back to the home page.

Likely fake tickets are already popping up on eBay as the internet breathes a collective sigh of disappointment.

If the whole thing is actually a stunt.... well played, Banksy... well played.

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