This post perfectly sums up the difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump


Former President Barack Obama has attracted a fair bit of criticism from the right for a recent speaking appearance he made at a Wall Street conference.

Mr Obama was paid a reported $400,000 fee for his speech at Canto Fitzgerald's healthcare conference.

Predictably, right-wing commentators and Trump supporters have leapt on the price tag of the speech, which is around the same as his annual wages when President, accusing him of hypocrisy.

However, everyone seems to be missing a very, very important point.

In his 99 days as President so far, Donald Trump has wracked up an estimated $3 million tab of taxpayers money for travel and security costs, as he jets back and forth from the White House and his golf resort Mar-a-lago.

This was perfectly summed up by stand up comic and activist Nick Jack Papas, who posted this.

"Let's keep our priorities straight."

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