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Chaos in the White House! And no, we don't mean the presidential handover....

According to reports, the Obama's family dog has allegedly bitten a visitor. The First Dog is in the first doghouse.

Although technically, it was the second dog who was the culprit.

Sunny is a four-year-old Portuguese water dog, who joined older White House pooch Bo in 2013, and has reportedly had some house training issues in the past.

The incident is said to have taken place on Monday, when an 18-year-old friend of eldest daughter Malia visited the Obamas and tried to kiss Sunny.

Sunny apparently lashed out and bit the girl under her eye, leaving a small gash.

According to reports, family physician Dr Ronny Jackson determined the cut would require stitches.

The unnamed girl immediately took to social media to out the dog for his bad behaviour, posting a picture of her cut with an angry caption.


It's worth noting that any dog owner (or sensible person) will tell you that it's never advisable to bend down over a dog, much less kiss it on the face - particularly one that doesn't know you.

It's also worth noting that Portuguese water dogs are not at all known for being an aggressive breed of dog; rather, they can be excitable and jump up in greeting.

However, Sunny's reputation is far from squeaky clean. Outgoing POTUS told People magazine that the dog took to relieving herself on an area inside the White House, near his office.

Not all publicity is good publicity, Sunny.

indy100 has contacted the White House for comment.


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