Barack Obama gave Joe Biden a surprise honour and people have a lot of emotions about it

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The heartwarming friendship between Barack Obama and current Vice President Joe Biden has spawned a cult internet following and innumerable memes.

And now, the big romantic finale to everyone's favourite bromance is shining some light in this dark, dark political apocalypse presidential handover.

Following Obama's touching farewell on Tuesday, during which he referred to Biden as his brother, last night the outgoing president awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction in a surprise tribute.

The medal, which is the highest civilian honour in America, honours Biden for his lifetime of service.

It makes him only the fourth person in U.S. history to receive the award, along with Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Biden responded with tears in his eyes - as did the much of the internet...

Although not all reactions were 100 per cent positive...

...Most were resoundingly in favour of the most meme-able political partnership in modern history.

And now, let them run off into the sunset together...

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