A viral video that's being shared on social media has captured the moment a powerful, preliminary earthquake of a 7.1 magnitude shook areas in Southern California, Nevada, and Mexico on Friday evening.

The video depicts the moment the earthquake interrupted a live broadcast from the KCAL-TV newsroom, which then had to be put on hold, and it has to be said it's extremely terrifying.

In the video, the two news anchors can be heard saying:

If you'll give us a brief moment here, we're making sure that nothing is going to come down in the studio here...

The male news anchor then responds:

And it is going for quite a bit everybody. It continues to rattle pretty strong here.

The female news anchor then says:

It's a very strong earthquake! 8.21 on the air here, we're experiencing very strong shaking, I think we need to get under the desk.

The male anchor then responds:

Ok, we'll be right back!

A clip of the moment was shared on social media, with many agreeing that they, too, would be 'team under the desk'.

The news broadcast wasn't the only thing to be halted by the earthquake. A game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium was also affected:

In response to the earthquake, the Los Angeles Fire Department conducted an aerial and "systematic survey" of the city, and reported that “no major infrastructure damage was noted” after the earthquake struck at 8:19pm local time, reports Business Insider.

In a statement, the fire department said:

There has been no loss of life or serious injury that we can directly attribute to the widely felt … earthquake.

HT Business Insider

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