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An NBA star was told his son was too white enough by sports bloggers.

Mike Conley, a player for the Memphis Grizzlies, welcomed a son Myles into the world in 2016.

On Thursday a Twitter account, run by 'Turf Talk Boys', who describe themselves as 'just a couple of degenerate's [sic] blogging about sports and life', decided to question the child's paternity.

Mr. Nice Guy Mike Conley at it again. He stayed with his wife after she cheated on him and had another man's baby.

Piggy backing off the viral fame of an unproven slur against someone they don't know, the Turk Talk Boys actually have this as their pinned tweet.

We won't link to their blog. We'd rather they didn't get the traffic, but we'll quote from their hand-on-knee crawling, 'whoops mister' blog post they published on Thursday.

From my point of view, I was calling it as I saw it. There was NO WAY in my mind that the kid in that picture was Mike Conley’s. And it just so happens that the majority of twitter agreed and we went VIRAL, getting over 1500 retweets in two days.

So this morning, we get a DM request and it’s from Conley’s PR agent, who would like to speak with us.

Turns out Mike saw the tweet himself and contacted the agency right away (we can’t imagine that he was too happy).

She explains that he’s a family man and he was catching a lot of heat on social media. We get that. We all actually are big fans of Mike Conley here at Turf Talk.

But to be fair, no one is safe and I just wanted to get some laughs. Unfortunately for Mike, it got wayyyy more than expected.

On the same day Conley posted this on his Twitter:

And he shared this sweet photo of the boy on Instagram.

HT UniLad

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