Anti-vaxxers tried to raid a BBC building that it hasn’t used since 2013 and the jokes wrote themselves

Anti-vaxxers tried to raid a BBC building that it hasn’t used since 2013 and the jokes wrote themselves

Anti-vaxxers once again proved on Monday that they get all their information from “reliable sources” after they attempted to storm BBC headquarters, only to get completely the wrong building.

The large group of protesters attempted to storm BBC Television Centre in White City, west London following a gathering at Shepherd’s Bush Green organised by an anti-lockdown group called Official Voice. However, the problems for the group soon became quite apparent as the BBC no longer uses this building.

In fact, the Beeb vacated the building in 2013. It’s now mostly luxury flats and a series of TV studios used by ITV for shows like This Morning and Loose Women, the latter of which was reportedly on the air at the type of the attempted invasion (Co-host Charlene White later thanked the security team who dealt with the incident). Most BBC staff in London are based at Broadcasting House on Portland Place, between Oxford Street and Regent’s Park.

Several videos shared to social media broadcast the group attempting to force their way into the Television Centre building, shouting “shame on you, shame on you,” accusing BBC of “not giving out the right information.” One demonstrator shouted that “they are coming for our f****** children,” likely in reference to children’s Covid vaccinations.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said that they were “aware of a group of demonstrators who, having set off from Shepherds Bush Green shortly after 1pm” that were later “gathered outside commercial premises in Wood Lane, White City.”

“There have been no arrests but officers are in attendance and will continue to monitor the situation,” they continued.

Given that anti-vaxxers in recent months have become more vocal and more radicalised in their approach to the Covid vaccines, people had little sympathy for their bizarre attempt at a coup and the jokes naturally wrote themselves.

Andrew Neil and Piers Morgan were among those who couldn’t help but mock those involved for this embarrassing case of mistaken identity.

There were even memes of the debacle.

Let’s just say these people pride themselves on doing their own independent research but they clearly haven’t watched television in quite some time. Still...get your vaccine as not only will it protect you from coronavirus, it might also prompt you to check Wikipedia every now and again.

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