A BBC journalist has been inundated with support after he was chased by a group of aggressive anti-lockdown protesters in a shocking confrontation caught on camera.

In the footage, captured in Westminster, Nicholas Watt, the political editor of Newsnight, was seen running from an angry mob who were screaming “traitor” and “shame on you” as they pursued him down the street.

“Why have you lied and said that lockdowns are legal?” one asked. “How can it be legal to lock people in their house?”

Another put his hand on Watt’s shoulder and screamed “run you f**king c**t”.

Watt then ran towards police to keep him safe before he walked towards Downing Street.

Following the incident, people have come out in support of Watt and have slammed the mob who pursued him.

Conservative MP Steve Baker said it was “outrageous”:

Guido Fawkes said:

Former BBC journalist and now GB News boss Andrew Neil added:

Other journalists also expressed their support for Watt:

The incident happened yesterday, before Boris Johnson announced delays to ‘freedom day’ due to rising cases of coronavirus potentially outpacing the vital work vaccines are doing to break the link between cases and hospitalisations.

And the footage was captured by ‘Resistance GB’ which describes itself as a ‘journalism’ website providing “news which the mainstream won’t show you”. The person filming the video was involved in the pile-on and asked Watt: “How do you sleep at night?”

indy100 has approached the Metropolitan Police to comment on the incident.

No-one should have to go through this while trying to do their job.

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