BBC presenter apologises after being caught on camera mid-yawn
Scotty Bryan / BBC / Twitter

A BBC presenter has apologised on Twitter after being caught on camera in the middle of a yawn.

Ben Brown, a BBC presenter, said that he was sorry on Twitter after the cameraperson on the news show he was presenting cut to him by mistake.

In the clip, Brown is seen yawning and leaning back in his chair. When the camera cuts to him, he jumps to attention and says that it’s time for a look at the latest weather forecast. Matt Taylor, the weather presenter, can be seen smiling as the clip ends.

Brown explained that he was at the end of a long shift – having started at 5 am (and the yawning seemed to happen around 3 pm) and that the camera accidentally cut to him.

But it didn’t really seem like there was anything he should actually be apologising for.

In the comments, people said they understood Brown’s mistake.

Other BBC journalists joined in too.

Last August, another BBC news journalist was caught a little late as they got onto camera. Sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder that the people behind the news are people after all, and fallible.

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