One of the biggest stories of the week here in the UK has been the cancellation of the controversial tabloid talk show The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The long-running ITV programme was officially pulled from the airwaves earlier this week following the death of a guest, who took his own life just a week after filming an episode.

The topic of the show and the curious popularity that it had garnered during its 14-year run was a talking point on Thursday's episode of Question Time.

Tory MP Bim Afolami called on society to reflect on why shows like Jeremy Kyle are so popular.

However, his statement didn't get the response that he had anticipated as one audience member from Elgin, Scotland, accused the government of making 'poor and vulnerable people objects of ridicule'.

One of the reasons they are so popular is because you are representative of a government who has demonised those who are poor or vulnerable. You have made them objects of ridicule.

Although her statement had a touch of hyperbole and could be considered inaccurate, considering the show started during a Labour government, another audience member and lawyer Eilidh Douglas echoed her thoughts and the most vulnerable being exploited for the sake of entertainment.

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