If you love make-up, but hate having to re-do it when you wash, then one girl might have just saved your bacon.

The innovative 22-year-old Lauren has created a technique for preserving make-up in the shower.

By just wearing goggles, she realised there was no need to redo her make-up

Lauren shared her thoughts on on tumblr and it quickly went viral.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Lauren said:

It literally blew up overnight.

Like, the next morning after posting it I had like 5,000 notes.

Then the next week I had 22,000 notes, and now I have almost 100,000 on the original post.

There were a few critical remarks suggesting that Lauren use a sink to wash her hair, but she expertly shut them down.

Listen, if you think I'm gonna squeeze my fat ass head between a faucet and a drain and deny myself of a wonderful, full-body experience, you're dead wrong.

People were a little concerned about the red marks on her face but she soon silenced those fears.

That red line was gone by the time I finished getting dressed.

I was just sharing a funny idea, not giving a makeup lesson... [and to people asking where the goggle strap is], PLOT TWIST – no strap. I suctioned those to my face.

Lauren's sudden rise to fame surprised some of her colleagues, who didn't even realise it was her.

I've mentioned it to some of the people I was training with for my new job, and I would show them and they would be like: 'That was you?! I saw that on tumblr!!'.

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